Thursday is my day off: a day to spend as I please. A perfect day for wandering around town, and so I did. These pictures are from last week. It was a sunny day, Summer finally arrived, and Joost and I walked around the city centre the entire day. Late afternoon, our feet hurting, tired legs, we sat down for a pre-dinner drink at Coffee & Coconuts.


It’s such a lovely place — situated in an old theatre building. When I looked around and took a couple of pictures, I remembered the days when I would go home after a day like this and fire up the old computer and share stories and pictures about my life right here. For months, perhaps for even longer, I have missed coming here and writing about my day. I have missed blogging: which to me means documenting my everyday life and the things that catch my eye.

I miss the community that blogging once was, back in the day when internet was slow and wired. In fact, I’ve noticed more and more people referring to the early days of blogging with a longing voice. The days when editorial schedules didn’t exist, sharing was more personal and comments created long distance friendships.


Things have changed with the arrival of social media. Instagram might now perhaps be a similar community like blogging once was. But I cannot help but long back for those early days, because blogging then felt just a bit more intimate and personal than any type of online documenting does today. And I cannot help but wonder, if there’s still a part of the blogging community out there that feels the same.