Back from the city that never sleeps…

…yet all I seem to do is sleep. For some reason jet leg has hit me hard this time, but it’s all worth it because I just returned from 9 days of New York City bliss and I can’t wait to go through all my photo’s and write down some stories, once I get back on track. For now, here’s our New York trip in a couple of numbers:

135,3 km walked

1 donut eaten

4 cab rides

501 was our room number

2 rolls; one lobster, one crab

2 mugs bought

15 dollars spent on American candy(bars) which I bought mostly for the wrappers & the names… zero have been eaten so far

1 manhattan, 2 martinis

2 pairs of new shoes

679 photos taken with my camera

1 huge crush on the city

Are you still watching?

Are you still watching? This is a question asked often by Netflix in this household.┬áThis past month we/I binche watched some great new series and some golden oldies. It all started with season 2 of Narcos, obviously. I’m glad there will be a season three. Will be quite a wait though. I finished watching all…

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Not a morning person

Coffee in London, 2015 Who knew? I didn’t until Joost and I moved in together and there was someone who talked to me in the early hours of the morning. Why would a person do such a thing? Just leave me and my breakfast in peace. Ha. I do like mornings though; having a whole…

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Today’s list

[Inspired by Elsa’s list] Today I wanted to Clean the house. Get rid of all that dust and buy some flowers. I also needed to create some space in the basement to be able to store some stuff there that we don’t use often and that is cluttering our apartment right now. …what I actually…

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Summer in pictures

Now that Summer is officially over (although the weather in Holland is still very much Summer like) I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite photos from these past months. Looking back I see that I hardly took pictures of people, mostly just of the city. I wonder how that happened….

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This is me right now. Caught a case of the sniffles. Hoping some tv watching and book reading will cure it. Although right now, all I want to do is sleep. And blog obviously. Two things that are hard to combine, yet I’m certainly trying. Sadly, with every sneeze I feel more and more like…

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I spy…A

I found this old school blogging challenge via the Dosfamily blog. It’s hosted by Pip of the blog Meet me at Mikes. Never heard of it before, but I will have a browse around once I get this post up. The challenge: spy something with your eye beginning with each letter of the alphabet. One…

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Almost weekend

It’s almost weekend for me which means three blissful days of nothing (well almost nothing). It also means that our trip to New York is coming closer, that I get to spend some more time here blogging. Weekend means long and lazy breakfasts and too much coffee. Speaking of coffee; going out for coffee is…

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Autumn to do list

Clean the apartment. Get rid of stuff. Sell stuff. Bake cinnamon buns. Watch twin peaks again. Set up a completely new blog. Buy a vase. Clean up the balcony. Buy a nice chair plus table for it. Find a storage solution for all those damn shoes. Go to New York. Celebrate 5 years together. Make…

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Monday morning

What I wished my breakfast looked like today. Photo taken one cold winter morning in Copenhagen. It’s not even 6 am yet and already I want to get back to bed. Imaging coming home after work and taking a nap makes it slightly more bearable that today is Monday. The fact that I’m almost going…

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