1/36 Gif + Selfie = Giffie

selfie giffie

Giffie. A selfie and a gif. Thirty-six of them. As in, one per week for the remainder of the year. Why? I always wanted to do some kind of photo a day or week project. I’ve started a few times, but never got far. I don’t really like taking pictures of myself and I tend to forget to make them. The ladies from Dosfamily have been posting selfie’s every week this year. I love their pictures, especially because they are so creative and fun. It made me want to give this another shot. At the same time I want to do more with photoshop, learn more. Hence the gif, the editing. etc. So here goes, a giffie every week, for the next thirty-six weeks. I already have next week’s project in mind. Can’t wait to get started! (This sounds promising, oui?)

It’s not you, it’s my blog

Berlin mural

There’s no time like the present, is there? I’ve been thinking about a change in posting here for a very long time. I just didn’t have the means to do so. I do now, yet I lack time to incorporate the new design all at once. But who needs looks anyway, it’s all about the content, no? Please bear with me for now, hopefully things will fall into place very soon!

Guide to the new blog // It’s very simple really. On the left hand side you can find all posts regarding everyday life and on the right hand side you can find all posts regarding writing, work, travel and Amsterdam. Or on the left you can find the personal posts, on the right the editorial content.

Not noticing much difference? That’s probably because you’re reading this post in an RSS reader. When you only see one column of posts, you’re on a single post page. It still needs tweaking. In any case, just hop on over to www.elke-dag.com and have a peak!

The little things: mornings


Mornings, time to get up and going. A first for everything that day. First beam of light, first cup of coffee, first breath of crisp morning air. Mornings in the household of freelancers, can look different from day to day. Yesterday I got up early, had breakfast at home followed by a long walk around town. Some days start slowly, other’s start with work. Most days I try to read for half an hour before I start to work.

What is your morning ritual? Would love it if you’d leave a comment below and tell me about it.

20 facts about me

20 facts about me

photo by Joost

Lately I’ve seen a lot of people sharing 20 facts about themselves on Instagram and on blogs. I thought I’d give it a shot after reading Sandra’s list. Her fact number 19 is something I want to work on. So I’ll start with that:

20 facts about me

  1. I feel way too guilty about too much for no good reason at all.
  2. I like to eat cheese dipped in applesauce.
  3. When I was younger I wanted to become a VET.
  4. I’m very nostalgic.
  5. I’m very bad at deciding what to have for dinner.
  6. When I was 16 and when I was 24 I lived in Finland for a year.
  7. I love to read books (I used to read so many magazines, now I hardly read any.)
  8. I almost always wear nail polish. Not today though.
  9. Up till two years ago, I never really liked Summer.
  10. I love to wander around the city.
  11. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day.
  12. Tulips are my favourite flowers.
  13. I don’t like to bike in the city centre of Amsterdam.
  14. I collect Moomin mugs.
  15. I speak a bit of Finnish and understand a bit more than I speak.
  16. I usually start the day with a cup of strong black coffee.
  17. A Trabant has been my favourite car since I was 10 and visited Eastern Germany for the first time.
  18. Saturday is my favourite day of the week. I love to spend it walking around the city, buying yummy food + sitting on a terras watching people pass by.
  19. I would like to move abroad again in the future.
  20. Autumn used to be my favourite time of the year, and it still is, but for the first time ever I’m really, really looking forward to Summer.

The little things: A quick date

Quick date Quick dateYesterday, in between work and appointments, Joost and I had a quick date (a short hour) at the neighbourhood bar. Just talking, laughing, sipping a drink and eating a snack. It was wonderful and cheered me up. I was feeling a bit blue prior to our date. Too much work, too little free time. But this one hour and his company, it made my day.

It’s the little things that make a day. I find that I often forget the small gems that make everyday life special. So here’s to a new feature to celebrate all the bits and pieces that make everyday life more fun.

Book report: Various animals alive and dead

Various animals alive and dead Marina Lewycka

Title: Various animals alive and dead

Pages: 366

Author: Marina Lewycka

Publisher: Penguin Books

Reading time: One month. Could have been much faster if I didn’t spent three of those four weeks working non stop, renovating our kitchen and attending family gatherings.

Why I chose this book: A trip to the magazine & bookshop at Bahnhof Zoologischer Garten in Berlin, has become somewhat of a tradition. From the first time I visited the city, many years ago, to my most recent visit in March. I didn’t bring a book this time, just so I could buy one there, hop onto the U-bahn and enjoy reading the first pages of a new book while the yellow train races through the dark tunnels below the city streets.

Now the English book selection in German bookshop is scarce. Which is a good thing: less books to choose from, makes it easier to choose just one. It wasn’t just the colourful cover of ‘Various animals alive & dead’ that caught my eye -I’m a sucker for a good cover- but also the following line: ‘From the bestselling author of A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian‘. Just before I left for Berlin, and Joost left for New York, he bought me a book. That book. I had only read a few pages before travelling to Germany, and it looked very promising. Apart from being a sucker for a good cover, a catchy title will also make me squeal with excitement. Perhaps this is a bit of an overstatement, oh well. Anyway, ‘Various animals alive & dead’ is one of those titles that makes you wonder about the story. What will happen? Which animals will die and how? And when you read the outline of the plot, you’ll start to wonder what on earth animals, alive or dead, have to do with living in a commune, being a banker and having a clean bathroom. You’ve got to find out for yourself. And I’m sure, when you’ve gone and done just that, you’ll start wondering -just like me- about the history of tractors in Ukrainian. Marina, you might just be my new favourite author.

Perfect read for: Lunchtime, with dinner, or a drink on the side, as the above picture proofs. It travels well too. The book has been in various places in Berlin, high in the sky and around Amsterdam. No complaining whatsoever. Easy, very enjoyable and funny read.

A few of my favourite lines:

‘Has it got a name?’

”Amlet the ‘Amster.’

‘That’s a great name. But…Hamlet died young!’

‘E ‘ad personal problems, din’t ‘e? But this one just sleeps all the time.’


Doro sighs. It was an adventure and, given the chance, she’d probably do it all again. But with fewer lentils.


Nick Holliday, who was Otto’s dad and a school teacher, took the opportunity to give the kids a long lecture about sex and where babies come from. It sounded highly implausible.


They thought they were so liberated, sleeping around with everybody, like they’d invented the orgasm. Nowadays, girls have to fight for the freedom to say no.

Hot black coffee on a Sunday morning or thoughts on writing

Michelberger Hotel Lobby

9 am. Sunday morning.

A cup of hot black coffee sits besides me as I type this. I’ve just returned from a short business trip in Berlin, doing mostly research. My feet are sore, my notebooks are filled and I enjoyed the days that were filled with sunshine and the feeling of Summer, especially.

I take a sip out of my 1980 Queen Beatrix inauguration mug. It has the portrait of princes Beatrix and princes Juliana on it. I like to drink out of this mug whenever I’m working. If they could ‘rule’ a country for so many years, surely I can rule whatever I need to work on, on a particular day, no?

During my trip, and in the weeks prior to my departure, I thought a lot about this space. About blogging and writing, and what I want to say. The words I want to share. A plan hasn’t developed from this, nor have many blogposts. Just thinking about what I want to write, helped me form a better view of what I want this space to look like, feel like – develop into.

Over the past 10 years I’ve had many different blogs. The content all boiled down to everyday life – every day. Therefor this place couldn’t be more fitting. So I think it is about time to fully make use of it. To drag my sorry ass in front of the screen everyday and start the day by writing for myself first, clients second. I believe this will make me happier and a better writer. Both contribute to the work I do for my clients. Win win.

Showing up on the page, on the screen. Doing the work. Typing. Stringing together sentences. Whatever you would like to call it. There’s never a day I do not write. There’s never a day I do not read. So yes, this space is me. Mine. Right here. Elke dag.

[Photo: Morning sun in the lobby of the Michelberger Hotel, Berlin]

De Pijp: discovering a new-to-me neighbourhood

De Pijp Amsterdam Tuinder Amsterdam Rialto Amsterdam Scandinavian Embassy Coffee Scandinavian Embassy

I love discovering new-to-me parts of Amsterdam. In the years that I’ve lived here, I never visited De Pijp much. Today we had a few good reasons to wander around a different part of town. One of them being Scandinavian Embassy. More on that in a later post!

We also stumbled on a few great stores.  Perhaps I’ll write about them in a later post as well. I’ve been thinking about writing a small Amsterdam guide… I used to write for the Amsterdam version of Le Cool Magazine and also contributed to their book. Can’t believe it has been six years since it was published. Time flies when you’re having fun. Speaking of time, it’s time to give my feet a rest and think about which neighbourhood I would like to discover next.