10 things I learned from working in a chocolate shop

17 November 2014

10 things I learned from working in a chocolate shop

  1. The one thing people will tell you, when working in a chocolate shop, is ‘I could never work here, I wouldn’t be able to stop eating the chocolate samples.’ Trust me, you can and you will. However, you will buy lots of chocolate with your employee discount to nibble on at home.
  2. Lots of people like chocolate, some people like the idea of chocolate. Or the percentage. Or anything that they think they should like, while you don’t have to like any of it and a KitKat can still be your favourite bar of chocolate. (I loooove Kinder chocolate.)
  3. Everyone has an opinion. In the end all that matters is your opinion. And whether or not you like the chocolate you’re buying. Or anything else in life for that matter.
  4. White chocolate is chocolate. Come on people, it’s made from the cocoa bean!
  5. Chocolate and liquorice go well together (understatement). Chocolate and whiskey too. Hell, even chocolate with toasted bread or Parmesan cheese is nice!
  6. Not everyone is willing to pay more for better quality product. Which, by the way, is fine. What I wish for though, is for everyone to be just a little bit more open to different things. Even if it’s not for you, it doesn’t mean that it is ridiculous for someone else to want (to buy it).
  7. There are no rules or regulations as to what raw chocolate is. Call it raw chocolate, call it unroasted chocolate, all I know is that it’s surprisingly delicious!
  8. People are creatures of habit.
  9. Beautiful designed packaging is important, but not essential to sales. Although for me personally — ugly packaging: deal breaker. Well most of the time…I mean, I’m talking chocolate here peeps.
  10. There’s only one thing better than chocolate: melted chocolate. Feeling blue? Just take a couple of bars, melt them au bain marie and add a dollop of butter. Stir until you have a shimmering, luscious and soft chocolate sauce. Perfect for cookie, brownie or tart making. Or just stick a finger in the bowl, lick it and repeat.

p.s. My favourite chocolate is either a white chocolate with cardamom or a white chocolate with matcha tea. I also love a nice (raw) dark chocolate!

Instantly lately

15 November 2014

Instantly lately

Instantly lately

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34431 Facebook messages or how I fell in love

14 November 2014

March 20, 2009: Facebook says this is when our friendship begun. I distinctly remember approving his friendship request. Back then I hardly had any Facebook friends that I didn’t know in real life (or had known online for years). His name didn’t sound familiar. We had no friends in common. But, his profile mentioned that he was a photographer, which I thought, could come in handy one day being a writer myself. So we became Facebook friends, and for a couple of years that was all.

Until the summer of 2011.

We started to interact. A couple of likes here, a nice comment there…while all the while I kept on wondering who that guy was. So after two years I finally asked: Do we know each other?

Three years and more then 34431+ Facebook messages later, turns out his photography skills did come in handy. He’s also a great cook, buys me (Finnish)chocolate and stationary, takes me out on dates, likes to travel as much as I do, has great taste in music, shares my love for tv & film, and is not only a very talented photographer and art director, but a great ‘roommate’ as well.

how i fell in love

Happy anniversary! Let’s meet up tonight for a prosecco date xox


Link • Love • Adore

13 November 2014

Link Love Adore

Here are some things I love and adore, both online and offline. Enjoy!

Reflections on almost a decade of daily writing by Gala Darling.

I loved this bit in particular:

My motivation is that I want to continue working for myself for the rest of my life, and even the bad days of self-employment are a hundred times better than the best days of working for someone else. When I view it through that lens, choosing to push on through, to evolve, grow, and transform both myself and my business is the easiest thing in the world.

An instruction manual for moi, or any other introvert: understanding introverts (via Susannah)

How to build your creative tribe by Braid Creative

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Countdown: a list of things

10 November 2014

countdown10 things I love to do:

  1. Walk around Helsinki at night when it is cold and covered in snow.
  2. Travel on the U-bahn in Berlin and read a book. Look up occasionally.
  3. Get up really early and go out for coffee.
  4. Writing. For a while though, I forgot how much I love to write. Hence, the very long blogging break.
  5. Biking though the country side.
  6. Binge watch Scandinavian crime series.
  7. Taking notes & making lists.
  8. Looking through old photo albums.
  9. Reading. Also something I forgot I enjoyed as much as I do. Stress can really screw up your brain.
  10. Laugh at really bad jokes.

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Current view | the studio

3 November 2014

current view: the studioMy current view: the studio as seen from the office upstairs. It’s a grey and rainy monday afternoon here in Amsterdam. I didn’t feel like being a wifi nomad today, so I set up shop in Joost’s studio. It is rather quiet in the building. I can hear people walk, but that’s about it. Rain keeps pouring down from time to time, creating my most loved type of white noise. This for me, is the ideal condition to write: nothing but the sound of my fingers hitting the keyboard, a gush of wind and the drops of rain. And of coffee in the making, of course.

A fascination for everyday life

26 October 2014

a fascination for everyday lifeI’ve always been fascinated by the everyday life. As a child I imaged what a day in my life would look like, living on my own. When travelling, I enjoy blending in with the locals. Go where they go, do what they do and thus discover the rhythm of everyday life in another country.

Whenever I visit a different city or town than my own, I wonder what it would be like to live there. To bike on those roads, to shop in that store, to walk that street – when those surroundings are part of your everyday routine.

I love documentaries and books on history. I love reading memoirs, diaries and blogs. The later might even be my favourite. Those blogs that portrait the everyday life in particular. Of course.

In the end it all boils down to a fascination with the everyday life. How we live, how we used to live and what the future may bring. I’m nostalgic for sure, but what I love most is that by looking and what has been and what is right now, I can imagine what might be, one day. And whatever you dream about, well, it might become part of your everyday life. Some day.

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